Peace Estimating


Our Material Takeoffs, available in both PDF and Excel, provide a comprehensive list of all materials and tasks required for your project. These items are organized by division and reference the specific drawing used for quantity calculations.

For a free quote, which includes costs and a turnaround time, send us the project plans, drawings, and specific takeoff or estimate needs. Once the proposal is accepted, an online invoice will be forwarded to you.

Project costs depend on its size and scope, ranging from $100 to $10,000. For instance, a single-trade residential project may cost around $150, but complex projects with multiple trades can reach up to $800. For multi-level commercial projects, the price might rise to $8,000.

Absolutely not! We review plans at no cost, a gesture of goodwill to ensure we align with client requirements.

Turnaround times vary between 3 to 12 working days, based on the project’s size and intricacies. We refrain from rush tasks to maintain our work’s quality.

We provide services exclusively in the USA.(All 50 States)

Our tools of choice are Planswift ,Bluebeam & On-Screentakeoffs.

It’s a projection of the potential cost of a construction project, considering the work’s scope and prevailing market conditions.

While it’s tough to pinpoint an exact number, our estimates give clients approximately a 1 in 4 chance of winning bids, ensuring satisfactory profit margins.

Accurate estimations inform developers about the funds needed, and help ascertain the project’s viability.

Estimators employ diverse methods like material price lists, square footage evaluations, and assembly time norms. Every project’s unique factors, such as location and construction type, are also considered.

Some common oversights include neglecting all associated project costs, underestimating project complexities, and not factoring in contingencies.