Peace Estimating

Peace Estimating Company Policy

Before using our services, please ensure you read, understand, and agree to the following policy terms.

Estimate Document

  • We provide a digital “estimate” that matches the work description in your invoice email.
  • This includes quantities, scope, and other details based on our best knowledge.
  • Usage and Acceptance

  • Using the “estimate” means you accept its accuracy and waive any rights to error claims.
  • Customer Responsibility

  • Ensure accurate drawings and work scope are provided.
  • We don’t guarantee the “estimate” accuracy.
  • We use the National Construction Estimator and RS Means for labor and material pricing.
  • Estimate Clarifications

  • Our estimate is a guideline, not a professional recommendation.
  • Prices and quantities are for reference to help with your pricing.
  • Pricing varies due to region, vendor, and other factors.
  • Data comes from a periodically updated construction cost database.
  • Manually adjusted labor rates align with the client’s approved hourly rate.
  • Delivery Timeline

  • Estimated delivery is 9 business days from payment, unless stated otherwise.
  • Delivery dates aren’t guaranteed unless fees are included for faster service.
  • Business days are Monday to Friday, excluding holidays.
  • Cancellation & Refunds

  • If an estimate is canceled post-payment but pre-delivery, we’ll determine potential refunds.
  • Costs incurred, including labor and transaction fees, affect refund amounts.
  • Minimum cancellation fee is 25%, even with no work done.
  • Refunds aren’t guaranteed; credits might be offered for future estimates.
  • Estimate Details

  • Standard estimates detail labor, material costs, and other construction expenses.
  • If you supply a material list, know it’s preliminary and won’t cover all installation items.
  • Revisions post-delivery are additional work with potential extra fees. They’re not guaranteed.
  • Confidentiality & Marketing

  • We can use company details, estimates, logos, etc., for marketing unless told otherwise.
  • For confidentiality, notify us in writing. We’ll draft a Non-Disclosure Agreement for both to sign.
  • Please read, understand, and agree to this policy before proceeding with our services.